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Blog Post #2
Dear Watchers,
I have some news.
First is that I am working on a new comics. This is going to be another slice of life that takes place in Canterlot and this time Spike will have an active role in it. Last month I finally sat down and wrote the first draft of the script - first proper script I have ever written - and sketched thumbnails for the first part. On paper! I think the last time I held a pencil was over a year ago. Somehow inspiration often strikes when I can't just sit down and draw, so I carry an old Samsung Note and draw ideas quickly with this silly, tiny stylus.
The story is fairly simple but it will take a while to tell - over 20 pages. I plan this to be an ongoing project that I update in addition to usual stuff and commissions. Even though it’s not ground-shattering plot with gripping suspense and twists on every page, I hope it will still be enjoyable enough for some of you. My biggest worry is that I won’t be able to show what is it all about
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P.P.S. I Also Forgot to mention 3 Other Highly Recommended Story Suggestions.....
Stories 7-9:
7. A Violet Scootaloo: 3-Course Meal Chewing Gum (Blueberry Inflation/Charlie and the chocolate factory Semi-Crossover Story Which will be an in-universe retelling of the 2005 Version of Violet Bearuegarde's Blueberry Inflation)
8. Logan: Equestria (Crossover with The X-Men Film Series and the Wolverine Trilogy Taking Place in the Post-Apocalyptic Future of The 2017 film Logan)
9. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Time-Crisis (Crossover with The ArrowVerse TV Series DC's Legends of Tomorrow Taking Place During DC LOT Season 2)
Videos Further Proving My Point On This:………
P.P.P.S. and most of all here are the 2 Theme Tunes of all 9 of the stories:
Ed Sheeran: Shape of You
Les Friction: World on Fire
.....Nuff Said.
Darkimus-Primal Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Hi, Here are 4 Epic MLP Story Suggestions that I Highly Recommend for you to make...........
1. Princess Twivine Sparkle Vs. Old Man Logan and Princess Rainbow Dash (ANAD-Marvel Wolverine: Old Man Logan Comic Book Series crossover)
2. Princess Midnight Sparkle Vs. Green Lanterns and Princess Rainbow Dash (DC Rebirth Green Lanterns Comic Book Series Crossover)
3. Princess Sombra Sparkle Vs. Poe Dameron and Princess Rainbow Dash (Star Wars Canon Star Wars: Poe Dameron Comic Book Series Crossover)
4. Princess Nightmare Sparkle Vs. The Last Knight and Princess Rainbow Dash (Transformers Live Action Film Series Cinematic Universe Crossover)
Videos Further Proving my Point on these 4 Stories:………………………
and those are the 4 Epic MLP Story Suggestions that I Highly Recommend for you to make.....Nuff Said.
with thanks and hopes up,
From Your Biggest #1 Fan in the history of the history of all of Existince,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal
langslock Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Hmmmm....I'll think about it.
Darkimus-Primal Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
P.S. I Forgot to Mention 2 Other Extra Epic MLP Story Suggestions that I Highly Recommend for you to make.....
Stories 5-6:
5. The Two Faces of Starlight Glimmer (An MLP In-Universe Retelling of the SpongeBob Squarepants Episode The Two Faces of Squidward)
6. Starkie Glimpie (An MLP In-Universe Retelling of the SpongeBob Squarepants Episode Squidbob Tenticlepants)
Videos Further Proving my Point on these 2 Extra Story Suggestions:……
BloodyPink-M Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for the watch :3
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Thanks for the fave!
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